Solid is one of the premier options for flooring in a home, and no matter if you are looking for something in a common area or a formal dining room, its elegance and durability will last a lifetime. Solid wood flooring is simply solid planks of wood. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for luxury and elegance within their home. Although there are other options on the market, solid wood flooring continues to be considered the pinnacle of home flooring options. Solid hardwood flooring boards are milled from a single piece of wood, and can be refinished many times, Each board is positioned and individually nailed to the subfloor. Since it requires nailing, it’s not suitable for installation on a concrete substrate.

Engineered wood flooring should not be confused with laminate wood flooring. The main difference between this type of wood and laminate flooring is that laminate flooring contains no actual wood.Engineered is constructed from several layers of wood pressed together. A layer of actual hardwood is laid on top of this core layer as well as on the bottom of it. It’s versatile enough to use in basements and upper-story floors. You can even install it directly over a concrete subfloor or a radiant heating system with no ill effects. The downsides to engineered hardwood are that it can’t be sanded and refinished, it’s not quite as durable and long lasting, and it doesn’t add as much resell value to your home.

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Types of Hardwood Floor

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