Wall Street Journal article, titled “The Top 6 Interior Design Trends for 2020” indicates that rich and warm real wood is on-trend in 2020. People want rooms that are a bit more cozy, with richer, darker colors, noted Jenna Rochon, co-founder of Transition State design in Los Angeles. On the floor, that translates to walnut, mahogany and dark oak. New York designer Young Huh also noted a tendency toward “finishes with old-world charm.” Honey-toned species like oak and maple contribute to a casual vibe, said Ms. Goldman, “but since they pair nicely with warmer hues, the final look is not as faded out” as that of bleached wood.”

Grey has been trending for several years now and there seems to be no reason to believe this trend is abating. Although early examples of grey floorboards were factory made, there has been an upgrade in the techniques of floor refinishing. This has meant that many people could make the transition without having to replace their floors entirely. If you want to make the move to grey, refinishing may be an economical alternative.

Matte and satin finishing are becoming more popular in contrast to the shiny gloss and semi gloss finishes that are so difficult to maintain. Matte and satin finishes hide dirt, scratches and dents much better than gloss making them easier to keep clean. If you’re looking for a long lasting, modern looking finish, look into mattes and satins.

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