Cherry: is an expensive type of hardwood flooring it’s available in several varieties. The most popular is American cherry. It is a very soft hardwood, but it still manages to maintain good dimensional stability .

Walnut is another popular hardwood species available in multiple varieties. Like cherry, walnut is a soft hardwood. It’s not the best option for use in areas like a dining room where heavy dining chairs slide back and forth on a regular basis. It’s notable for its rich brown color that often contains a purple hue.

Hardwood floors refinishing

Oak is a mid-priced type of hardwood flooring, is loved for its classic good looks and old-fashioned warmth, is a great choice in traditional style homes. It blends well with a wide range of furniture and décor.Red Oak is much lighter than White Oak and the neutral color features a reddish hue. White oak is a pale brown. It often has a pink or gray hue throughout.

Maple is an affordable type of hardwood flooring It’s notable for its characteristic grain pattern that sets it apart from other hardwoods. The species light color and uniform texture its durability. It’s simply one of the hardest hardwoods available. It doesn’t scratch or scuff easily. It’s even known for its resistance to heavy impacts.

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Some popular Species

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