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Why should we get Hardwood Floors?

Wood is a natural material that helps take care of mental and physical health. Reduces the impact on the joints, provides well-being for its beautiful appearance, it’s pleasant to the touch and has properties such as the ability to regulate moisture, increasing comfort.The wood for it’s properties is a great thermal insulator, this protects from cold in winter and heat in summer, which is reflected in energy savings. In addition, the energy balance in its manufacture is much lower than in other materials.

The use of wood reduces the risk of pests and fires and is associated with sustainable forest management with environmental, social and economic benefits, as is mentioned in woodfloors.org “Unlike other flooring materials, the raw materials used to make them – trees – can regrow after they are cut down, which replaces the material that is harvested. In the United States, the hardwood forests that provide flooring products are growing more than twice as fast as they are being harvested”


When to get Hardwood Floors Refinishing Services

There is a right time for everything in life and couldn’t be different with your hardwood floors there is a time when refinishing them is need it. If we have a properly installed and finished solid hardwood Floor, it is likely that it will take more than ten or fifteen years before we need sanding our floor again. A good maintenance and cleaning plan throughout the life of our wood floor, will make them look good longer, that will make aging slows down, and when the refinishing process in need it less wood will be sanded down. However, it is difficult to give an exact time, even if there are indications that can make you think that the time has come.

First of all, we should all know that, the fact of applying polyurethane to a wood floor, is not just for tradition or fashion. We do that to protect them from dirt, moisture, stains and other harmful agents. If this layer weakens, dirt and moisture are likely to penetrate the the floor  more easily. Once you can see the bare wood or many scratches had appeared because of traffic, time and light get ready to start looking for Hardwood Floors Refinishing services in your area.

Best Products In the Market

There are many products in the market today for all kind of proposes, if you already know you have solid hardwood you will need then to know what species your wood is, the most commons ones today in United States are: Red Oak, White Oak, Pine, Maple, Birch among an others, when refinishing your floors the professional will tell you and advise, all of them can take stain but it won't look good because of the grains of the wood, some products will protect and even get your wood water proof line Rubio Monocoat, that is cost wise high, but the results are beautiful check their website and you will see all the options in colors you can have and all the benefits , plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, single-coat, durable wood finish. For the stains is also the brand Duraseal, now for the finishing polyurethanes there are water based and oil based, is Bona, Fabulon, Loba these three are the ones I recommend all of them also have their own stains and all are high quality products that you can get at flooring stores, but I will never tell you to try and do it your self floor refinishing is for skilled and experienced professionals.